Carver Collegiate


All Carver Collegiate Academy staff members are listed alphabetically by last name. 

Addison, Byron - Coach, CJP Instructor

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Allen, Chelsea - English Instructor

Chelsea Allen teaches 10th grade scholars Speech II and Writing, where scholars engage with fiction and nonfiction text and write analyses based on what they read. She is also the 10th grade Culture Dean and leads scholars and teammates to create a positive and academic environment. Prior to joining the Carver team, Ms. Allen was a middle school English Language Arts teacher at Schaumburg Elementary in New Orleans.  She holds a B.A. in English from Wheaton College in Massachusetts.  

Ms. Allen leads the Wheaton Advisory, Class of 2017.

Annand-Baechtel, Caitlin - English Instructor

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Augusta, Emanuel - Paraprofessional

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Barnes, Darshiara - Math Instructor

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Borsh, Colin - Computer Literacy Instructor

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Bryant, Jerel - Principal

Jerel Bryant is the Principal of George Washington Carver Collegiate Academy where he is responsible for leading his staff in his vision of college success for all of the scholars who enroll at G.W.Carver Collegiate. In 2009, Mr. Bryant joined the Sci Academy faculty to teach Civics to the class of 2012 and lead the Yale advisory.  As a humanities teacher and dean at Sci Academy, Mr. Bryant’s teaching directly contributed to Sci Academy sophomore Graduate Exit Exam scores in English Language Arts; during the 2009-2010 school year, 80% of scholars achieved a score of Basic and Above.  Before joining the Collegiate Academies team, Mr. Bryant taught at Edgar P. Harney Elementary in New Orleans as a Teach for America Greater New Orleans Corps Member.  Jerel Bryant holds a B.A. from Yale University.

Chartian, Gilbert - Paraprofessional

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Clayborne, Anne - Intervention Teacher

Anne Clayborne teaches scholars in the Carver Journey Program, which is a therapeutic program for scholars with emotional disabilities. Before joining the Carver Collegiate team, Ms. Clayborne worked at Robert H Goddard Academy, a therapeutic day high school in Worcester, Massachusetts. Ms. Clayborne holds a BA in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA.


Coleman, Donye - Science Instructor

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Costello, Mary - Interventionist

Mary Costello teaches Boost and Algebra Essentials. Prior to joining the Carver Collegiate Academy team, Ms. Costello taught swimming at the Weston/Westport Family YMCA. Ms. Costello holds a BA in History/Theatre from Allegheny College. 

Ms. Costello leads the Allegheny Advisory. 

Cox, Kelly - Social Worker

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Elliott, Sherry - Paraprofessional

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Ezaki, John - Math Instructor

John Ezaki teaches Algebra II and Precalculus to scholars. Before joining the Carver Collegiate team, Mr. Ezaki received a BA in Biology from the UC Berkeley. 

Mr. Ezaki leads the UC Berkeley Advisory, Class of 2018.

Feighery, Mary - Science Instructor

Mary Feighery teaches Biology to 11th grade scholars. Prior to joining the Carver Collegiate team, Ms. Feighery taught Science in several schools in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas. Ms. Feighery received a Masters of Natural Science from LSU, and a BA in American Studies and Africana Studies from the University of Notre Dame.

Ms. Feighery leads the Notre Dame Advisory.

Gallia, Philip - Social Studies Instructor/11th Grade Dean

Philip Gallia teaches US History and AP US History, which helps scholars prepare for patriotic excellence on the EOC. Prior to joining the Carver Collegiate team, Mr. Gallia worked as a 7-12th Grade Social Studies instructor at Pointe Coupee Central High School. Mr. Gallia holds a BA in Political Science with a concentration in American Policy and Politics from Tulane University. 

Mr. Gallia leads the Tulane Riptide Advisory.

Guillory, Ranell - Office Manager/Parent Liason

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Hamilton, James - Intervention/Explore Teacher

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Herbert, Jeffery - Band Director

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High, Christina - Paraprofessional

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Hosemann, JD - Writing Instructor

JD Hosemann teaches a writing lab extension of English III that focuses on developing effective writing processes for 11th grade scholars, as well as Reading intervention. Before joining the Carver Collegiate team, Mr. Hosemann taught English III and IV at Sarah T. Reed High School in New Orleans East. Mr. Hosemann received a BA in Psychology from The University of Southern Mississippi and a MA in Literature from The University of Southern Mississippi.


Irvin, Read - Director of Finance and Operations

In her role as Director of Finance & Operations at Carver Collegiate, Read Irvin supports teachers and the leadership team to ensure that we have a safe, calm, and productive campus. Ms Irvin ensures that the financial and operational needs of teachers are met, and that scholars have the best learning environment possible. Previously, Ms. Irvin did FEMA grant management for the state of Louisiana, where she worked on the rebuilding of the LA National Guard Headquarters (Jackson Barracks) in the Lower 9th Ward. She holds a B.A. from Sewanne (The University of the South).

Ms. Irvin leads the Columbia Advisory, Class of 2016.

Jacob, Greg - Director of Student & Alumni Activities

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Johnson, Richard - Behavior Specialist

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Jones, Quiana - Dean of Discipline

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Jones, Victor - English Instructor

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Krandel, Leah - Director of Mental Health Services

Leah Krandel provides comprehensive mental health services to scholars, staff, and families. On any giving day, she can be found leading mediation, facilitating social skills groups, and holding individual counseling sessions with scholars. Before joining the Carver Collegiate team, Ms. Krandel worked as a case manager supporting people leaving incarceration, interned with Child Welfare South Africa, and worked with Broadmoor Community Care. Ms. Krandel holds a BA in Independent Studies from Grinnell College, and an MSW from Tulane University.

Ms. Krandel leads the Grinnell College Advisory, Class of 2016. 


Levine, Freesia - World Geography Instructor

Ms. Levine teaches World Geography to 9th grade scholars, where they learn different instances of prejudice and oppression throughout history and how people have used various methods to fight against injustice and how to apply understandings of these historical events to current issues in our country and world. As 9th Grade Culture Dean, she supports teachers and advisors in making our school the best place for 9th graders to learn, grow and prepare for college success. Before joining the Carver Collegiate team, Ms. Levine taught World Geography at LB Landry High School. Ms. Levine holds a BA in Human Rights and Africana Studies from Barnard College, Columbia University. 

Ms. Levine leads the Barnard Advisory. 

Lewis, Nell - Behavior Specialist

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Lozoff, Benjamin - Math Instructor/10th Grade Dean

Benjamin Lozoff teaches Geometry and Algebra II to scholars. Before joining the Carver Collegiate team, Mr. Lozoff worked with The Thomas Armour Youth Ballet Summer Outreach Program. Mr. Lozoff holds a BS in Psychology and Anthropology from Florida State University.

Mr. Lozoff leads the Florida State Advisory.

Martin, Jacqueline - English Instructor

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McGann, Nora - English Instructor

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Medina, Genesis - Spanish/ACT Prep Instructor

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Miller, Lauren - Spanish/ACT Prep Instructor

Lauren Miller teaches Spanish to scholars, helping them build a foundation in foreign language learning, so they can communicate across borders with cultural competence. Before joining the Carver Collegiate team, Ms. Miller worked as a North American Language and Culture Assistant in a bilingual school in Madrid, Spain. Ms. Miller holds a BA in Spanish with a Secondary Education concentration from LSU.

Ms. Miller leads the LSU Advisory.

Milner, Rachel - Math Instructor

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Mueller, Anna - Reading Intervention Instructor

Anna Mueller teaches English II and works as a Reading Interventionist with scholars. Ms. Mueller is also working to continue the growth of the Carver Collegiate library by helping with covering, bar-coding, and cataloging new books.Befor joining the Carver Collegiate team, Ms. Mueller worked as a manager at a local restaurant. Ms. Mueller holds a BS in Psychology from Loyola University New Orleans. 

Ms. Mueller leads the Loyola Advisory. 

Nakamura, Wesley - Science Instructor

Wesley Nakamura teaches scholars the fundamentals of math needed to succeed in Algerbra I and beyond, as well as a few Science courses. Before joining the Carver Collegiate team, Mr. Nakamura taught at Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets in Los Angeles, California. He holds a BA in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Nakamura leads the Penn Advisory, Class of 2016.

Sears, Quinn - Director of Literacy

Quinn Sears teaches English II, a literature course geared towards college success and EOC readiness. Prior to joining the Carver Collegiate team, Ms. Sears worked as a middle school English teacher for New Beginnings Charter Schools. Ms. Sears received a BA in Anthropology & Latin American Studies from the University for Virginia, and certification in Secondary English Instruction from The New Teacher Project. 

Ms. Sears leads the University of Virginia Advisory.

Ochoa, Amanda - Speech Therapist

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Ordeman, Catherine - Reading Intervention/Art Instructor

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Scribner, Margie - Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Margie Scribner teaches Algebra I to 10th grade scholars and coordinates Saturday School operations. Before joining the Carver Collegiate team, Ms. Scribner Before taught Financial Math to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders at East Feliciana Middle School. Ms. Scribner holds a BA from Grinnell College in Sociology with a concentration in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, and she is currently pursuing a Masters in Teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education.

Ms. Scribner leads the Grinnell Honor G Advisory.

Smith, Ian - Director of College Counseling

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Srinivasan, Ethan - Science Instruction

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Sullivan, Melissa - Operations & Data Manager

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Tran, Diana - Director of Intervention

Diana Tran works as the Director of Intervention to ensure scholars are provided with the academic programming that will lead to the most rigorous post-secondary outcomes. Before joining the Carver Collegiate team, Ms. Tran worked as a special education teacher for scholars with Autism at West Jefferson High School. Ms. Tran received a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley and is currently working on a Masters in Education in Significant Disabilities at UNO.


Trettin, Tom - Math Instructor

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Vail, Benjamin - Social Studies Instructor

Benjamin Vail teaches World History to 10th grade scholars. Before joining the Carver Collegiate team, Mr. Vail taught Special Education at Abramson Elementary School. Mr. Vail holds a BA in Government from Skidmore College. 

Mr. Vail leads the Skidmore Advisory.


Warner, Kathleen - Math Instructor

Kathleen Warnes supports the school operationally to ensure that scholars, parents, and staff enjoy a calm and productive learning environment. Prior to joining the Carver Collegiate team, Ms. Warner worked as a case manager at a rebuilding non-profit in New Orleans. Ms. Warner has a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Loyola University. 


Willens, Joe - Math Instructor

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Wills, Katelyn - English IV Instructor/12th Grade Dean

Ms. Wills teaches English III and AP Language & Composition to 11th grade scholars and works to prepare scholars for the English III EOC, the AP Language Exam, the ACT, and success in introductory college English courses. Prior to joining Carver Collegiate, Ms. Wills taught English and Special Education at Edna Karr and a variety of English courses at G.W. Carver Senior High. Ms. Wills holds a B.A. in International Affairs with a concentration in African Studies from George Washington University.

Ms. Wills leads the GW Advisory.